It isn’t everyday that an emerging creative agency can curate an original group show featuring contributions from the likes of Pharrell Williams, Yoko Ono, Cindy Sherman, Spike Lee and others at one of New York City’s leading museums, which is in part why the CNNCTD+100 made such a splash. Inspired by conversations with his father, who remembered when NYC was hub for creatives from all backgrounds to mix and mingle and share ideas, CNNCTD’s Roman Grandinetti set out to bridge a gap in this new era. ”Our goal was the identify young talent and put them next to established talent, because both older and younger talent look to one another for inspiration,” says the CNNCTD founder. “The world doesn’t really do enough of that nowadays.”  

In collaboration with Playbutton, the CNNCTD+100 - comprised of works by 100 NYC-influencers - was exhibited at the New Museum for one day, and one day only, with each participant having an open palate to express themselves as freely and creatively as they saw fit. “I just wanted something that was easily digestible, yet authentic and culturally relevant,” says Roman.

The installation, featuring such a diverse lineup of creative individuals and garnering the attention of media outlets such as T-Magazine, Nowness and Interview, was the result of big thinking, hard work and great execution. CNNCTD handled everything from generating the idea to partnering with influencers and the New Museum to bringing in sponsors like Ciroc and AIAIAI headphones to creating a buzz around the event. “Prior to CNNCTD+100, we didn’t have anything. We didn’t even have a company, but that’s when we knew that we could really do something,” says Roman.

Press: T-MagazineNowness & Interview

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