We look to support Artists, Friends & Brands with authentic content that connects and stays true to the community.

- Roman Grandinetti

Founded by Roman Grandinetti, a native New Yorker who also serves as Creative Director, CNNCTD+ offers a full range of services to support tangible and experiential distribution for artists, brands and influencers. We synergies new technology with trusted tradition to evoke beauty, character + controlled chaos.

When thinking back on CNNCTD's origin, it's clear that we took a chance. The concept was based on the collective of a well-curated nightclub. So we decided to collaborate with 100 NYC-influencers. Each provided CNNCTD with a blank "Playbutton" to share their own original artworks and sounds. Individuals like Pharrell Williams, Cindy Sherman, Spike Lee, Scott Campbell, Paz de la Huerta, Yoko Ono, Ricky Powell, A-Trak + Narcisco Rodriguez were all an integral part of our event, and CNNCTD's overall inception. 



265 Canal St
Suite 216
New York, NY 10013