"169th St" A, C, 1
This was where the early ideas steamed. 169th was the Sporting Life's stop where him and Pat "wiki" began throwing around ideas putting thoughts together and built of that to form Ratking.
163 broadway - meeting talking about ideas - deciding figuring out what they were putting together - tossing ideas around. 

"125th Street" A, C, B, D

From east to west was their strip - they grew up there, Hak grew up in 123rd so this was his local stop. The Sanches sample which is also referenced in a familiar DipSet Anthem "remova ya". But the boys have a original and knowledge behind the sample. They have a sense and feeling to the record which is different from the feeling that Dipset had. The beat has a "grim feel to it" which once could have been used to describe 125th as well. But as times changes and things evolve the next generations eyes with view and feel differently

wiki - in general - is a import street from east to west (boys grew up there)

reference point - london/harlem shit - grime shit to sample dipset shit. 


"Canal St" N R Q W J M Z 6

The dividing line, arverd a friend of the band lives on canal where they spend alot of time there who also worked with the crew on there album art. It's the untouched dividing line between SoHo and Tribeca it's right in between. Wiki explains that there's still a rareness between clean streets it's a positive and negative between the clean cut areas and undiscovered. It can suck to walk on Canal St but you have to deal with it. China North (27a Essex St) which is the boys favorite dumpling spot was spot lighted a bit in "wikispeaks" video is one of those chinatown treasures. "EAT" is another track of the album that means sense to discuss now which was a beat that was originallu called 1-9 which was given to Pat for his 19th birthday wasn't the easiest to finish. Hak had layed his verses down with young guru in a studio on 125th but was later finished with DJDogdick in a studio in green point where "wiki" felt a bit more comfortable and fucked around and finished it.

"42nd" - 1, 2, 3, 7, A, E, N, Q, C, R, <7>

Every New Yorker has the same feeling about Times Square it's a slap in the face, there's so much going on from people that can't find the closest chessey restaurant, walking into people cause they are taking a photo of their friend getting a picture drawn of them from some who i can't figure out if they can or can not draw to what now looks like the opening scene of blade runner with one moving ad on top of the other. But very much like 42st people has the pros and cons about social media, tumblr and instgram. Everyone uses all the platforms differently, has a feeling toward them and in one way shape or another has content in front of them 24 hrs a day a open window into friends or hope to one day be friends lives and not the same apparition for what is being viewed. Ratking isn't against it nore the most aggressive user of it. The group said it all has it's ups and downs, good and it's bad. " the internet is important it's good and positive for artists/young artists" says Wiki along with the fact that it takes away 

it's good and bad - the emidites of it can be a bad thing sometime it doesnt allow you to develop - it doesn't allow ppl to develop cause everything is in your face - right away - 

your putting yourself - it's good for it to grow on it's own - it's a good resource

it's a tool can help/hurt yourself

it's a 60/40 for ppl to hurt themselves

you can use it to help yourself or help yourself - him being arthor goes in on the internet and youtube - (eric - jungle records/deep cuts) - the use of the internet is great - expert on gabber

"arthor" putting something out digitally and physically - ppl are more into / things are more disposable - ppl dont have to buy it or hold it - devalues art or music - people process it differently. 

wiki- change the song listen to the next one - it's like netflix - i'm going to put this on - rent this movie - no matter what i'm watching this shit - looses value

there's so much there - so you need to step your game up - the quality needs to be on point. "puertoricin judo" the tracks can hold that weight. they focus on producing quality


"Whitehall" 1 R
wu-tang reference (south ferry stop)

wiki - talks about wu - next album - they are making one - as a art piece for a million - offers are through the roof. 

"Broadway Lafayette" 4 5 6 B D F M

wiki - it's important to keep authenticity of ny and it comes across in the music - there's always a tuff mentally - but ny is not what it was - so be smart and intelligent - have a open mind to it