Over the last few years, A$AP Ferg, along with his A$AP Mob cohorts, have infiltrated both the worlds of music and fashion, with their influence impacting both the hood and Hollywood. To coincide with the release of his debut album, Trap Lord, Ferg called on CNNCTD to create something that would speak to the streets. Playing off of the religious motifs attached to Trap Lord songs like “Hood Pope” and “Lord”, CNNCTD conceptualized the Trap Lord Shrine. The interactive A$AP Ferg mural, located in LES, featured candle holders and a lighting ceremony hosted by Ferg himself. A$AP Rocky also made an appearance. 



To promote his debut album, A$AP Ferg went to CNNCTD to push his “Trap Lord” image, and allude to the religious motifs in tracks such as “Hood Pope” and “Lord”. CNNCTD responded with the Trap Lord Shrine, an interactive mural with cubbyholes where fans gave “offerings” to Ferg. These included love letters, flowers, candles, and gifts.

The Shrine  received some of the biggest press A$AP Ferg has ever gotten. It became the face of his Facebook page and got over 5 million shares. “It was something no one expected,” says CNNCTD’s founde. “Instead of just putting a logo on the wall, we sort of evolved what a mural was and became the first company to own an interactive mural.”


The Trap Lord Shrine was CNNCTD's first 360 marketing project for which the agency This content secured editorial press coverage across multiple outlets, reaching 8 million unique readers, and generated more than 50,000 combined social media likes, shares, posts and tweets.


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