Aside from photography, what are you most passionate about?

My family, my friends. The life I have created around me.

As a photographer what is your favorite thing to shoot?

My favorite thing to shoot is my life. My days are filled with family and friends. Everyday I wake up and photograph people I'm genuinely interested in. I never have to work with or for people I don't want to work with, which is amazing. For me, My favorite thing to photograph is literally my life and everything that is happening to me right now. Moving forward I want to keep supporting and documenting the artists I work with while continuing to grow my portfolio with different and new kinds of work and mediums.

What was your favorite part about this trip to NY?

This last trip to NY was productive to say the least. I got to hang out with so many of my old friends and met a lot of new ones. Best part of the trip was the trip. I don't sleep very much when I'm in NY so it was one long roller coaster ride...I loved it.

Whose one of your favorite musicians out right now?

Rocky, Remy Banks...everybody I shoot. I don't shoot everybody. I don't work for a magazine or blog that is telling me who I have to shoot. I only shoot the artists I believe in. All my kids are special and incredibly talented.

What inspires you to keep shooting and when did you first pick up a camera?

I'm very sentimental, very. So for me the camera has always been a way to remember things. That is still what I use my camera for to this day. I always had a camera around, but then about 5 years ago I decided to never put it down and I haven't since.

You live in Denver but your subjects bounce all over the world, you get to visit all these interesting spots to document these iconic figures in culture. How does it feel once you return home?

My work and travel schedule is pretty ridiculous, it's really fun. I do love coming home though. Home means family for me so I'm always ready to go home and never ready to leave.

You're old and grey one day, Where do you see yourself at the end of your career?

I know exactly where ill be...hanging out and taking pictures of the same family and friends I'm with right now. I run with the same crew, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It's a life sentence once you let me and my camera into your life.

You’re a visionary, you discover new talent, you’re ahead of the curve. How do you keep yourself so emerged in culture but live so removed?

Honestly, I don't know. I'm very grateful that I am able to do it though. I need to be away, with my family, removed from things, or I burn out. I just keep my eyes and ears open and fortunately the right kids keep letting me into their lives. I'm blessed, or lucky, or good, I don't know.

Who's your favorite photographer ?

Ansel Adams.

What do you think people will imagine about the life you lead if they found your photos years from now, long after you’re gone?

That it was an interesting life. Both my professional and personal lives are very interesting and very well documented. I hope that people look at my work someday and just realize I loved the people that I photographed.

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