Post Apocalypse: Othelo Gervacio

Othelo Gervacio is a multidisciplinary artist who garnered attention with his macabre, satirical watercolor works in reference to sensationalized newspaper headlines from today's popular culture. Gervacio's works often intersect reality and tragedy, producing original interpretations of contemporary media takeouts + false idols. CNNCTD recently tapped the NYC-based artist to collaborate on the label's monthly print publication, The Circular. This month's issue features Othelo's twisted take on familiar headlines in tribute to the likes of Lindsey Lohan and Madonna. In celebration of the release, CNNCTD is offering a limited-edition print by Gervacio available at their site for $100. The 24" x 15" print is inspired by their collaborative Circular issue and is exclusive to a run of 100. Signed and numbered by the artist himself, visit CNNCTD now to read up on the latest issue of The Circular and secure your own original print, today.


I've always been interested in sensational newspaper headlines, even taking it so far as to collect New York Post covers over the years. In the past, I've painted re-creations of some of my favorite covers, and with The Circular being newsprint, it only felt right to go back to the Post reference and reinterpret more of the ridiculous shit that people eat up.

On the reverse side, I wanted to create something that people could collect and hang on their walls. Right away I thought of a poster girl, but had to decide what that girl would look like in the "Post Apocalyptic" world I conjured up on the front side. The Farrah Fawcett image is as iconic as centerfolds get, so I thought it'd be a great image to reinterpret. 

I'd like to think this would be a perfect poster in a teenager's bedroom in that movie 'They Live.'


With Crayons, now I'm onto paintbrushes and macbook pros


Virginia Beach and Richmond, VA but have resided in Brooklyn for the last 10 years.

Can you identity you style?

I'd like to think of it as Beautiful but Tragic. A balance between Raw and Refined.

I know your a amazing water colorist - How did that come into play?

Just practice and being surrounded by amazing artists. It's always a battle to try and live up to your idols and mentors, constantly trying to improve my skills. I worked under Scott Campbell for a little over 4 years and learned quite a bit of technique from him. It was the best grad school New York could offer.

What's another choice of medium?

Pencil/Graphite and have started messing around with airbrush. Would like to get more into various fabrication as well.

Also believe you used to work with Scott Campbell?

Can you talk about that. Yes, I worked with Scott when I first moved to NY about 10 years ago. We had a small illustration-based commercial setup running with a few namely high end clients. Scott started shifting more into the fine art world toward the end of my time working with him in which I helped with as well, running all the laser machine, assisting on art projects and day to day studio management. Our studio was in the back room of Saved Tattoo, so it was then that I received some of the best and worst tattoos I have today. 

Djing is also something your into how'd you get into that craft?

I grew up in a very Hip Hop-influenced town and all my friends were either bboys, DJs or graffiti writers. I actually got into all three. The first set I bought was when I was like 16 - a DJ set in a box. A totally shitty gemini set with belt drive turntables from the Flinstones cartoon. I used to love collecting records and still pick some up occasionally but I definitely don't miss hauling crates around town! I still DJ every now and then, here and there. I still use Serato with vinyl. I don't even know how to use CDJs...yet, but I do still know how to do windmills! 

Can you talk about some projects your working on now?

I'm continuing to work on projects with Virgil Abloh or his line Off White. I just got done working with 300 Entertainment and Young Thug, designing the tour merch for his recent tour with Travis Scott. With Allday and Red Bull Studios, we just recently launched The Gift Shop, in which I helped concept the spacial design, build the identity and curate the product and ongoing programming. Additionally, I'm working toward a few art exhibitions coming up these upcoming months:  one at Three Kings Studios in Greenpoint opening on May 6th, another at Gogy Esparza's slated for this summer, and a third to be announced! A lot of stuff in the works that I'm really excited to expose and share.

Can you send us your inspiration behind the clips you chosen and for Farrah Fawcett?

It's sick that you picked a old school "centerfold" style icon. The next issue we are dropping we are trying to feature the "next" it girl in a old school playboyist centerfold style. So it's really amazing timing!