Vogue Netherlands commissioned photographer Mark Borthwick to shoot a fashion editorial featuring Jacquelyn Jablonski in Ibiza. For sometime, CNNCTD had been wanting to document what goes on behind-the-scenes with a photographer like Borthwick and saw the Ibiza trip as an opportunity. “Everyone can be a photographer, but everyone can’t take the same photo," says Grandinetti. "We wanted to document that.”

CNNCTD spent a week in Ibiza capturing behind-the-scenes footage of Borthwick - who has shot campaigns for fashion powerhouses like Martin Margelia, Comme Des Gargcon and Nike - and his techniques, as he shot the fashion model, who has appeared in campaigns for Calvin Klein,  Burberry, Victoria's Secret and other brands.

This was the first time CNNCTD left New York City. The result was an interesting documentary-styled project that was very fashion forward.